We support addicts and families by lifting the burden, removing obstacles, and helping you find the best options for treatment on your path to recovery. 
Our services are free of charge to our clients

Everyone is different. That’s why our professional recovery coaches work individually with each client to create a personally tailored, individual treatment plan. We can work with you over the phone or in person.

Our collaboration begins with a thorough assessment; we get to know you, your lifestyle, your personal struggles, your concerns, your goals. We inquire about work schedules, family commitments, schooling needs, legal responsibilities and more. Learning these things about you ensures the best path to a strong recovery.

A Choice of Programs and Facilities

Because we’re independent, we work with many licensed professionals, Doctors, Therapists, Social Workers and Medical Professionals. We are not bound to any specific program or approach. Our professional colleagues and partners work to uncover potential co-occurring disorders such as; depression, ADHD, Bipolar disorder and others, which may be contributory to the addiction. Though we are located primarily in Seattle and Los Angeles, our services are available to anyone seeking treatment.

We can consult with you about the following treatment options:

addiction specialists



Inpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Therapeutic Drug Treatment

Sober Companion

Court-Mandated Treatment

Sober Living Homes

Aftercare Programs

Eating Disorder Programs

Gambling Addiction Programs

Co-occuring Disorders

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Your Journey to Recovery

Everyone’s path is different but we share a common goal



  • Kick Addiction counselors will help identify whether or not an intervention or detox is necessary
  • In some cases, intervention can save the life of an addict, and may be the first step on the road to recovery


  • We ask for and explore the specific and unique challenges in your life regarding work, family, addictive behaviors, and historical patterns
  • If you have insurance, we advocate with your provider to find the best possible benefits

Recommendation for Recovery

  • Knowing that each person is unique, we tailor a treatment plan to fit your individual needs and life circumstances
  • We find programs of all types that share your philosophy and meet your criteria according to your specific conditions
  • Kick Addiction provides treatment choices and combinations that match your individually created recovery plan


  • Your individual requirements become the foundation for a plan that suits your specific needs and your current life responsibilities 
  • Your preferred approach may include inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment or perhaps a combination of various treatment modalities
  • Treatment will address your needs based on the substance of choice and/or co-occurring disorders and the best programs to treat these specific addictions

Transitional Living and Continued Care

  • Stable long term recovery is the goal in addiction treatment. Care for our clients does not stop at a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment. We encourage you on your way to an after-care plan and assimilation into a healthy new life
  • After treatment a safe, structured and monitored living situation can help our clients transition from treatment to a life of sustainable recovery
  • Sober living homes, outpatient services, sober companions, counseling and other combinations can come into play to safeguard a lasting recovery


  • It is yours. It is your birthright. Reclaim your life and make a new path.
  • We will help you get there.

“ Then came the day I decided to change my life. 
I couldn’t do it alone and I didn’t…”

- Cassidy B

Our consultation is free and so are our services

Whether you choose to use our service or not, we will gladly speak with you or your loved one, as you search for help with addiction. If you let us help you choose the next step on your path to recovery, there is still no charge to you for our service.

We know through experience that a successful recovery depends upon the foundation that is built in EARLY recovery; this is an important time to get it right. You make a brave choice in seeking help, often after the addiction has taken a great toll on your quality of life and health.

If you have insurance, you’ll have more options to choose from. We’ll help navigate insurance coverage and provide advocacy for you. 

If you are uninsured or underinsured, we will work with you to try to find solutions and point you In the right direction.