FAQ for Families

Here are some of the questions commonly asked by families who are looking into our addiction recovery coaching services.

Check out additional information in our FAQ overview and FAQs for addicts.

Why do I need your help, why wouldn’t we find our own rehab program?

We can help get you to the core issues of your unique situation, quickly and without bias. This allows us, together, to narrow the choices based on which program fits your needs the best. Alone this search might take you weeks of precious time, many hundreds of dollars and dozens of visits to various detox centers, rehab services, and specialists in order to then have to sift through all the information.

How do you know what rehab/program is best for my loved one?

We do an in depth analysis of each client via our assessment, phone interview, and family interview. We look at any prior counselor or treatment protocols, length of use and drug of choice.  We then match the addict’s unique criteria to the programs best suited to meet his or her needs.

Why is your service free, how does that work?

We are on marketing contracts from addiction treatment centers, but this does not obligate us to use their treatment centers. This is why: as we place our clients in the proper center for their addiction treatment, the treatment center gets a client that is the best fit for their program. This model is a win-win for clients and treatment centers. The treatment centers have realized that not obligating us to place clients in our partnered network is the best approach for them and for the client. The nature of placing people in programs that can address their unique issues makes treatment more successful for everybody.

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My child is addicted but still needs to finish school, is it possible to stay on track with schooling?

Absolutely, in fact we recommend this. We have a number of addiction placement options for students who want to seek treatment but don’t want to derail their studies.

My loved one has children and a job, how can this possibly work?

Many of us have faced this very thing, there are a number of ways to deal with this such as out patient programs or temporary sober living facilities, and our addiction consultants can help you sort this out.

How do I know our insurance will cover your recommended placements?

Insurance coverage can be extremely difficult to navigate. We can help sort through your coverage and provide some advocacy with your insurance company. We have had some success in helping addicts who are underinsured find low cost alternatives to help bridge the gap.

What if we decide not to work with you after getting an assessment?

There is no obligation on your part whatsoever. Whether you decide to use our service or not, our addiction specialists will gladly speak to you in an effort to help you sort out your best alternatives. We know that the right choices in early recovery are the best chance for long term recovery and yet we also know there is no one right answer. We offer you our experience and our best intentions to help you and your loved one move toward a lasting recovery.

My addicted loved one lives on the East Coast, do you refer all over the country?

We can and we do. We have personally vetted a number of addiction treatment facilities around the country, though we specialize in West Coast placements primarily in Seattle and Los Angeles

How long is the process?

The average placement time from the initial phone call to admittance into a facility is 24 to 48 hours.

As a third party expert, we can help get you to the core issues of your unique situation, quickly and without bias.