Here are some of the questions commonly asked about our addiction recovery coaching services.

Check out additional information in our FAQs for familes and for addicts.

How can Kick Addiction offer its services to everyone free of charge?


We are on marketing contracts from addiction treatment centers, but this does not obligate us to use their treatment centers. This is why: as we place our clients in the proper center for their addiction treatment, the treatment center gets a client that is the best fit for their program. This model is a win-win for clients and treatment centers. The treatment centers have realized that not obligating us to place clients in our partnered network is the best approach for them and for the client. The nature of placing people in programs that can address their unique issues makes treatment more successful for everybody.

Why choose Kick Addiction to help plan a recovery?

There are so many options for substance abuse rehabilitation and addiction counseling that it can seem impossible to make the right choice. Each rehabilitation treatment program works according to its own methodology and recovery philosophy. The important element is to find those treatment programs whose methodologies and philosophies fit into your specific recovery plan and your unique requirements. That could take weeks of research, many hundreds of dollars in time and energy, dozens of visits with rehabilitation specialists and facilities, not to mention hours and hours of work. Despite all that effort, you might find that you lack the specific knowledge and experience to feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your recovery; this is where Kick Addiction can help.

Your time to start the recovery process is now, we are here, we understand, we can help. Making a call today brings you one step closer to the life you wish to lead. We have been in your shoes, we know what it takes and we promise to do all that we can to help you, help yourself to a full and vibrant life, you have a right to that, let us help you get there.

We are addicts and family members, here to give back, to reach out a helping hand and to walk with you on your path to recovery. We know it takes hard work and dedication, we also know that what waits on the other side of addiction is recovery and a life of health and well being.

What Causes Addiction?

It is very difficult for most people to understand why or how others become addicted to drugs or alcohol or certain compulsive behaviors. Often people assume that drug abusers and addicts lack moral principles or willpower. Most people think it is simply a choice. The truth is, alcohol and drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or willpower. In fact, drugs and certain behaviors change the brain in ways that create compulsive substance abuse, and non-productive behaviors. Quitting is very difficult, even for those who are ready to quit. Through scientific advances, we know more today about how drugs work in the brain than ever before. We also know that addictions and compulsions can be successfully treated to help people stop abusing drugs and begin to lead very productive and full lives.

Understanding the science of addiction is power. Once our clients understand the role their addictions play in their lives, we'll work together to develop a smart, targeted, custom recovery plan.

Your time to start the recovery process is now. We are here, we understand, and we can help.

Making a call today brings you one step closer to the life you wish to lead.