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Heroin Addiction—A Downward Spiral

Heroin addiction is a downward spiral, and only changes lives for the worse. Called an “epidemic” by Seattle mayor Ed Murray, heroin has been identified as a leading cause of homelessness. The effects have been so devastating that in March of 2016, Murray and other city leaders created a task force to address the issue and provide Seattle residents with greater opportunities for heroin addiction treatment and other drug rehab programs.

If you or someone you love has a heroin addiction, it’s important to take action by seeking treatment and counseling. Addiction recovery is possible for every addict, including those affected by heroin, but it’s important to know the facts and enlist the help of caring individuals and a Seattle drug rehab program such as Kick Addiction. Kick Addiction offers personalized treatment programs that may include inpatient drug rehab, detox, and counseling.

Oxycodone—A Prescription Nightmare

“Jerry,” a 53 year-old married man with two grown children, knows he never would have become an addict if it weren’t for his back problem. The aching began years ago, and got progressively worse, making him irritable at home and unable to do certain tasks at his construction job. Several years ago he began taking prescription oxycodone just to make it through work pain-free. He eventually changed careers, but his addiction remained.

    Lately Jerry has noticed the oxycodone doesn’t work as well, which means he'll have to increase his dose to get the same effect. And he’s already experienced some withdrawal symptoms, which scare him. The other day he faked an injury to try to get his dosage increased. “Ashamed” doesn’t even begin to describe how he feels.

Prescription opioids such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and Percocet can be very effective when used to manage severe pain, but these types of narcotics are also extremely addictive. They work by attaching to receptors in the brain and spinal cord, blocking pain messages to the body. With such a powerful effect, it is not surprising that an estimated two million Americans are addicted to these types of narcotics, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

When normal use of pain medication becomes a prescription drug addiction, it's time to find a drug rehab center that addresses the realities of opiate addiction and dependence. At Kick Addiction, a drug rehabilitation resource in Seattle, our counselors can help you identify a plan for the treatment of substance abuse, including abuse of prescribed medication and opioids. Opiate addiction treatment may include drug detox, inpatient or outpatient treatment, counseling services, and personalized drug treatment programs.

Following is a list of specific drug addiction rehabilitation programs available at Kick Addiction. Remember that you are not alone. Start your recovery now!

Seattle Drug Rehab Programs at Kick Addiction

Why rehab is important:

In addition to the debilitating effects of heroin on the body over time, injecting this opiate can put you at risk of chronic or life threatening diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis C through the sharing of needles. Learn more about your options for heroin rehab in Seattle by contacting us today.

Many regular users of marijuana have what’s known as “marijuana use disorder,” in which the brain slows down production of its neurotransmitters. Halting use of the drug makes the user feel physically uncomfortable and irritable. Though not technically “addictive,” marijuana can affect the user’s well-being and relationships in a negative way. Learn more about your options for marijuana rehab in Seattle by contacting us today.

Use of cocaine on any level increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and seizure. The individual becomes increasingly incapable of dealing with stress. Long term usage can eventually lead to psychosis. Learn more about your options for cocaine rehab in Seattle by contacting us.

Crack Cocaine
Effects of crack on the body are even more intense and devastating than cocaine. As in cocaine, the user will feel intensely depressed immediately after the effects of crack wear off. He or she may exhibit aggressive behavior. Learn more about your options for crack rehabilitation in Seattle by contacting us today.

Methamphetimine ("meth" or "crystal meth")
Meth artificially increases levels of dopamine in the user, giving an initial sense of well-being, but it also attacks the nerve terminals in the brain, causing brain damage. In addition to a general breakdown of the body’s functions, users may experience extreme memory gaps. Learn more about your options for meth rehab in Seattle by contacting us today.

Prescription Painkillers
There are many types of addictive prescription drugs, including hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, codeine and oxycodone. Some of the more recognizable brand names are Demerol, Darvocet, Lortab, Vicodin, Roxicodone, and Opana. Overuse of these opioid drugs can cause an unhealthy disinterest in other life pursuits, destroying relationships. An overdose is easily possible, since one of the side effects of most painkillers is slowed breathing. Learn more about your options for prescription drug rehab in Seattle by contacting us.

Constant abuse of alcohol negatively affects almost every system of the body, including the brain, heart, liver, and pancreas. It takes a toll on coordination and logical thinking, and the user quickly develops tolerance, meaning he or she will need more drinks to achieve the same feeling of relaxation. Learn more about your options for alcohol rehab in Seattle by contacting us today.

MDMA ("ecstasy" or "Molly")
Long-term effects of MDMA use include cardiovascular problems and impaired memory, as well as clinical depression. There is also a danger of overdose. Learn more about your options for ecstasy rehab in Seattle by contacting us.

Originally intended to be a surgical anesthetic, PCP creates dangerous hallucinatory effects and can make the user become angry and aggressive, or overly calm. Learn more about your options for PCP rehab in Seattle by contacting us

Hallucinogens (LSD, acid, mushrooms)
Hallucinogens such as LSD overstimulate serotonin in the brain, flooding the user with images and altering his or her perception. Hallucinogens can have the dangerous and unintended effect of psychosis on certain individuals. Learn more about your options for Hallucinogen rehab in Seattle by contacting us

Prescription Stimulants
Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderall are examples of prescription amphetamines prescribed for ADHD and other disorders. These stimulants are often abused for the purpose of “studying” or concentrating in school. Side effects of abuse include depression and cardiovascular problems.

Kick Addiction services include drug addiction treatment, detox & rehab, as well as alcoholism treatment, alcohol detox and and rehab. Services extend from Everett to Kirkland & Bellevue on the north end of Seattle, to Federal Way, Tacoma, and Olympia on the south end.