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Alcohol addiction is a very serious type of addiction that can bring about the systemic destruction to a person’s health, family life, and long-term livelihood. That is why our team, along with many well-recognized alcohol treatment centers in Seattle, do everything possible to help patients who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

Here are a some of the major ways that alcohol abuse can affect an individual.

Physical Effects on the Body


Alcohol effects in the brain may be the most apparent of them all. When considering the brain, it’s important to recognize that despite all of our amazing technological advances in recent years, the brain still reigns supreme over human creation when it comes to complexity, speed, and capability—the brain is an amazing, and still only partially understood organ.

Alcohol interferes directly with the brain’s communication pathways, which can change the actual physical shape and appearance of the brain in addition to its overall functioning. Such disruptions can have significant and negative effects on mood and behavior, as well as impair clear thinking.

Alcohol treatment in Seattle should begin with preventing damage to your body’s critical systems. At Kick Addiction, a patient’s health is as paramount as Mount Rainier—don’t let the most critical neural system in your body become compromised.


Figuratively speaking, the mind and the heart are like two long strands that make up a DNA double helix in the human body—nearly every bodily process relies on the two in order to work correctly. Just like how Seattle relies on Mercer street working properly in order for traffic to flow well.

Alcoholism treatment centers in Seattle see many patients who have experienced a form of heart damage due to excessive drinking over long periods of time or even in a single occasion. Here are some of the coronary issues that can arise from alcohol addiction.

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Arrhythmias, or irregular heart beats
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Heart disease

Due to the serious heart health risk associated with alcohol abuse, our recovery coaches are dedicated to connecting our patients with alcohol treatment centers in Seattle WA that have the most experience and success in total alcohol rehabilitation.


Other Critical Systems


Although the brain and the heart are two organs that are significantly affected by alcohol, they’re certainly not the only ones. Alcoholism treatment helps to prevent further damage to the rest of the body’s critical components, including…


  • The Liver—Heavy drinking can significantly tax the liver, which may lead to inflammation, fatty liver, fibrosis, or cirrhosis.
  • The Pancreas—Alcohol addiction and abuse can cause the pancreas to produce toxic substances which can lead to pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas.
  • The Immune System—Chronic or excessive drinking can put a heavy strain on the immune system as a whole, which can lead to further complications and infections.

With so much in the body at stake, it is vitally important to find the right alcohol rehab in Seattle so that you can live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Alcoholism Treatment In Seattle

Kick Addiction is a local, family-owned organization that has a substantial personal investment in the great community of Seattle. The city of Seattle has a tremendous reputation for its well-mannered, health conscious, happy people. Alcohol addiction in Seattle impairs this balance, by causing people physical and emotional pain, creating rifts between loved ones, and interfering with personal lives as a whole.

Alcohol abuse can affect people of any age, gender, or financial situation in Seattle. We have helped a spectrum of patients ranging from high-ranking businessmen and women of Seattle’s most recognized corporations all the way to young teens living on little money and trying to find their way in this city of great opportunity.

As the city continues to grow, it can put a strain on the citizens to stay afloat, which may lead to alcohol addiction to cope with the difficulty. Kick Addiction’s team aims to make all the difference in connecting Seattleites with the best alcohol treatment that the State of Washington has to offer. If you know that you are struggling with alcohol addiction or know somebody in need of alcoholism treatment, let us be your resource to help. Whether you are in need of a local Seattle in-patient alcohol treatment center or an out-patient option, we can help.

Kick Addiction has assisted countless patients in finding the best Seattle alcohol treatment centers and receiving the best alcohol recovery, detox, and care required to allow you to live a happy, sober lifestyle. If you or a loved one are in need of alcohol addiction treatment or rehab in Seattle, contact us by calling our toll-free number 1 (844) 344-KICK or filling out our contact form to set up an appointment. You have the right to a long-term, healthy life—we’ll help you get there.

Kick Addiction services include drug addiction treatment, detox & rehab, as well as alcoholism treatment, alcohol detox and and rehab. Services extend from Everett to Kirkland & Bellevue on the north end of Seattle, to Federal Way, Tacoma, and Olympia on the south end.