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Alcohol Addiction - It's Personal

Seattle Alcoholism Rehab Services

Every alcoholic—whether a young man like Paul, a middle-aged professional, or a retiree—has their own story about why they drink, and how they ended up being addicted. Some drink at home, some at bars. Many have families. Whatever each person’s circumstances, it is clear that they would live a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling life if they didn’t have an alcohol addiction. The good news is that alcohol rehab and recovery is possible through Kick Addiction, a Seattle alcohol rehabilitation resource.

At Kick Addiction, we can help you start your journey to an addiction-free life. We offer referrals and placements with alcohol rehab and counseling services, including alcohol rehab placements.  We will help you create an individualized recovery plan that factors in personal history as well as underlying causes and effects such as depression and bipolar disorder. Remember, it all begins with your story…

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in Seattle

If you or a loved one is ready to break free of an addiction to alcohol, the folks at Kick Addiction can help. Our recovery coaches will help find the Seattle alcoholism rehab or treatment program that is best for you.  We refer to many treatment facilities and programs, each offering a myriad of treatment options.   Here are some of the comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation programs Seattle has available:

Intervention: Facing the truth about your addiction is one of the hardest things for those who are struggling, but it’s an important first step. Sometimes family members or friends can help by participating in a professionally guided alcohol intervention meeting with their loved one. In some cases, this can help jump-start the process to recovery.

Detox: Alcohol withdrawal symptoms, when occurring after months or years of alcohol abuse, can be potentially life threatening to an addict. That's why a guided detox treatment program is the safest option. For more information about the effects of prolonged drinking on the brain, and how it contributes to withdrawal symptoms, click here.  For more information on Seattle alcohol detox programs, please contact us.

Sober Companion: A sober companion is an experienced recovery coach who can help the recovering drug or alcohol addict maintain their goal for a drug-free life. The counselor provides therapeutic check-ins with the patient and helps them re-establish healthy lifestyle patterns through proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Kick Addiction offers information and help finding a sobor companion in Seattle.

Sober Living Homes: Some individuals benefit greatly by including a sober living home in their alcohol addiction treatment or drug addiction treatment program. These living situations can offer a beneficial drug-free environment for the recovering addict or alcoholic. We have relationships with all of the Seattle sober living  homes and can help you find the best fit.

Aftercare Programs: After the hard work of your Seattle rehab is finished, there is still more work to be done by recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. In spite of your best efforts, familiar patterns can reassert themselves, leading to relapse. Seattle Alcohol support groups, drug addiction counseling, and family counseling can all contribute to continued rehabilitation success.

Kick Addiction services include drug addiction treatment, detox & rehab, as well as alcoholism treatment, alcohol detox and and rehab. Services extend from Everett to Kirkland & Bellevue on the north end of Seattle, to Federal Way, Tacoma, and Olympia on the south end.

During drug or alcohol recovery, it’s important to stay busy and active. Seattle offers a variety of wholesome pursuits in the form of beautiful parks, healthy eating, and rich culture.  Read on to find an attraction that’s close to your neighborhood.

Seattle Neighborhoods and Activities

Seattle abounds with parks and green spaces, offering a chance for “nature therapy” in almost every neighborhood. Here are some of the most popular:  

  • Lake Union: Gas Works Park, located in North Lake Union, is a 21-acre park offering lawns with lake views. It’s an ideal spot for picnicking, kayaking and sailing.  South Lake Union is a growing hot spot with entertainment such as the Center for Wooden Boats and MOHAI museum.
  • Magnolia: Discovery Park is the largest city park in Seattle, and offers miles of winding trails, beaches, and nature viewing.
  • West Seattle: Alki Beach is a beautiful 2.5 mile stretch of beach in West Seattle, facing Puget Sound and downtown Seattle.  Not far from the city, Camp Long is a 68-acre park with numerous trails and a collection of overnight cabins.
  • Seward Park: A forested peninsula on the edge of Lake Washington in South Seattle is Seward Park, a great place to reconnect with nature, offering old growth forests leading up to the lake shore.


  • The Seattle Center is a unique landmark that features a fountain, the famous Space Needle building, a children’s museum, gardens, and a science center complete with IMAX theater.
  • Pioneer Square houses historical architecture, museums, and art galleries.
  • The Museum of Flight showcases over 150 interactive exhibits dating back to World War I.
  • The Henry Art Gallery, located at the University of Washington, presents ongoing contemporary art exhibits.
  • The Seattle Aquarium showcases divers marine life from Washington, and includes an underwater dome and some interactive exhibits.