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Kick Addiction is a team of rehab and recovery specialists serving addicts in Los Angeles.

We're on a mission to reach out a helping hand to any and all who suffer with addiction of any kind.

We personally know the pain and life-wenching consequences of addictive behavior, which is why we are here to remove obstacles and help find the best treatment for you as you pursue your journey to recovery.

Our services are free to our clients. Get in touch today to begin your journey to recovery.

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We will be with you every step of your recovery, making sure you have the opportunities and resources you need to succeed.


As a dedicated team of addiction recovery specialists in Los Angeles CA, we work to find the best treatment centers and recovery options for those living with addiction.

We want to help you transform your life and find the path to lasting recovery. No matter where you are, or what treatment methods you have tried before, the Kick Addiction team wants to help you. Our services are always free, and our recovery coaches are always available to talk about your options. We will help you find the right rehab or detox in Los Angeles, and we can advocate on your behalf with insurance companies when the situation calls for such action. 

Our in-depth assessment interviews are the first step to building your recovery path. We get to know you, your responsibilities, and your goals. We then match you with an inpatient rehabilitation center or an outpatient rehab recovery center in Los Angeles. Depending on your situation, we may recommend a variety of other Los Angeles addiction treatment options as part of a larger recovery goal. 

While the weather in California can be sunny and bright, if you’re an addict the world can feel cold and lonely everyday. With Kick Addiction you can find comfort knowing that you don’t have to be alone in your treatment for addiction. We will be with you every step of the way, making sure you have the opportunities and resources you need to succeed.

Our services are free to everyone, and our recommendations are made without bias or financial motivation. We have experience working with many different rehabs in California. We only recommend addiction treatments in Los Angeles that we think best fit the needs of our clients. Because there are so many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Los Angeles, finding the one that fits your philosophy and needs can be difficult. Our personal and professional relationships with these centers give us insight into how these programs treat addiction.

The driving force behind Kick Addiction is our belief in giving back to the community. Let us help you find the right treatment program to give you lasting recovery, so you can enjoy the life you are meant to live.