Kick Addiction is a team of addiction specialists on a mission to reach out a helping hand to all who suffer with addiction of any kind.

Our services are free to our clients and are specifically tailored to meet their needs.

Kick Addiction

We personally know the pain and life wrenching consequences of addictive behavior, which is why we are here to help sort through the options to find the best available addiction treatment for you on your journey of recovery.

We have learned through the process of recovery that the optimal plan for each individual is exactly that, INDIVIDUAL. There is no one size fits all.

If you allow us to serve you, we pledge to assess your individual needs and life constraints and to work with you as you create a plan to regain your footing and begin to thrive in the life you choose.



“My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style”

-Maya Angelou


We Are Kick Addiction

Winston Doerschuk

Winston’s passion for helping people in the throes of addiction grows from a very personal place. Having experienced an 8-year struggle to find the right help and answers to his own battle with addiction, Winston learned first hand how necessary thoughtful assessment and guidance is to enhancing the success of an addict’s recovery.

Winston tried a multitude of inpatient, outpatient, and detox facilities; talk therapy, sober companions, meetings, testing, and a myriad of private counselors and medical experts.

Through his personal experience and the familiarity gleaned from these various treatment protocols, it became clear to him that many thousands of dollars and many years of struggle could have been saved had he had the proper consultation and advice on what possible combinations of treatment were available and what best addressed his individual issues.

Now with his Recovery well in place, together with his experience working in rehabs and sober living houses, Winston offers his expertise to benefit those seeking to put their lives back on track.
With his unfailing compassion and his ability to listen, Winston has the tools to help you discover the treatment plan best suited to your individual needs and concerns.

Winston’s advice will in turn increase your chance for a favorable and lasting recovery, saving you precious time, money, and heartache.

Steve Brown

Steve’s impressive, broad, and extensive experience in all aspects of recovery comes hard won. Steve has 29 years of recovery and almost as many years experience with the rehabilitation industry and it’s various alternatives.

Steve is a sought after motivational and recovery speaker for groups around the world. He works tirelessly on behalf of people struggling toward recovery through many volunteer activities.


Steve has been a business owner and manages a number of successful enterprises while serving the needs of the Kick Addiction family in order to help guide people toward a successful journey of recovery.

John Faulkner

John began his journey into addiction as so many young adults do, innocently experimenting with various street and prescription drugs. His addiction slowly made itself known and thus began an 8 year struggle to recovery.

With the help and support of a loving family he made choices in search of help for himself. This search was complicated by the fact that neither his family nor he had any experience with the options for rehab services and treatment. The number of possibilities was baffling, as was deciphering the variety of programs and promises available.

John tried several different inpatient rehabs, a wilderness program, an outpatient program, twelve steps, and yet another rehab. John says “I know the differences in the varying approaches to treatment and I know the pitfalls of each.”

“I am happy to say my recovery is solid and my family continues to be my core fan club. Where once I may have thought my family could abandon me, my recovery has allowed me to regain these important bonds and to enjoy and cherish this wonderful life. I look forward to helping you or your loved one do the same. Giving back is a privilege. I feel confident that Kick Addiction can help you or your loved one, as it has helped many before you.”

Our Goal

To lift the burden and remove the obstacles to you finding the best options for treatment on your path to recovery.