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Drug Treatment Seattle, WA

Dealing with a drug addiction can put a heavy amount of emotional, physical, and mental strain on all of the involved parties. Our Seattle addiction drug treatment specialists believe in providing the absolute top level of care required in order to transform our patients into happy, healthy, individuals ready to pursue what brings them joy in life.

Kick Addiction is a team of addiction specialists on a mission to reach out a helping hand to all who suffer with addiction of any kind.

Kick Addiction partners with some of the very best drug rehab centers in the Seattle area and Washington state at large. In working with our patients, we take great measures to identify the right kind of care in order to make them feel comfortable and at ease throughout the difficult process of overcoming issues related to drug abuse as well as full-blown drug abuse addiction.

Our drug addiction treatment center in Seattle specializes in seeking out the right care for men, women, and teens. Regardless of the type of drug use involved in the addiction, we will be able to provide effective counsel and support to help our patients down the road to becoming clean.

We provide Seattle with drug rehab, detox programs, and addiction counselling for each of the following drugs.


Within a mere decade, heroin use has rapidly become a problematic drug in the city of Seattle—affecting men and women of all ages, and constantly affecting more and more teenagers. In fact, heroin deaths have spiked up by 58% in Seattle as of 2015.

We provide heroin rehabilitation and Seattle heroin addiction treatment that can help patients overcome the strife of heroin withdrawals and set them on a healthy road to recovery from a heroin addiction.


The colloquial notion that marijuana is not an addictive substance is nothing more than a commonly propagated myth. Marijuana can indeed be habitually and chemically addictive to the individuals that use it. A significant portion of our drug treatment centers’ Seattle patients are affected by addictions to marijuana.

As recreational cannabis has been legal in Washington State for several years now, there is no shortage of dispensaries in which to purchase it. There are multiple locations throughout Ballard, Fremont, West Seattle, SoDo, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, North Seattle, and many other neighborhoods in the greater Seattle area.

Due to this, it has become easier than ever for a young, middle-aged, or elderly individual to develop a marijuana addiction. We offer the best treatment in Seattle for this type of drug addiction.


A popular drug in media, cocaine is one of the world’s most famous and addictive drugs. With cocaine available in many different forms, such as freebase cocaine, white powder, and “crack” cocaine, there are many ways that men and women consume the drug.

In our efforts of drug addiction treatment in Seattle, we commonly see patients pitted against this devil of a drug. We assist in connecting these patients with the best drug addiction treatment centers Seattle has to offer. These centers are trained in providing the most effective cocaine addiction help, maximizing comfort during the cocaine withdrawals, and allowing the patient to feel healthy once more—completely clean.

Each and every drug addiction in Seattle is different, which is why we work hard to find the right kind of care for each type of situation when providing treatment counselling or recommendations to our patients.

Kick Addiction works with you to find your ideal path to recovery, under the care of a Seattle cocaine addiction treatment center that truly cares about its patients and is capable of delivering effective results.

Meth (Methamphetamine)

For years, methamphetamine has been a popular drug due to its low market costs and powerful effects. Unfortunately, meth is also one of the most destructive drugs, which can make it difficult to find the right kind of drug addiction treatment for it.

However, we have partnered with all the right drug treatment facilities in Seattle, many of whom are versed in handling aggressive meth addictions of all degrees. We have countless success stories of connecting our patients with effective meth addiction treatment, helping them go on to remain clean and happy.

At Kick Addiction, our recovery specialists provide options for meth addiction treatment for men, women, and teens. We provide drug counselling for a spectrum of other types of drug addictions in Seattle, to include…

  • MDMA additiction
  • Hallucinogens addiction
  • Psilocybin addiction
  • Adderall addiction
  • PCP addiction
  • OxyContin addiction
  • Vicodin addiction
  • Painkillers addiction
  • Prescription drug addictions


Being a local organization that provides drug rehab in Seattle, we have a powerful personal investment in our community.


The entire city experiences the effects of men and women dealing with drug addictions, and it’s especially important to us that young teens are set up for success in the future—not victims of a drug addiction. Our Seattle recovery support center understands that we all have a stake in a Seattle citizen’s well-being.

It is the sole mission of Kick Addiction to help our patients receive the best drug treatment Seattle has to offer. With a strong understanding of Seattle’s history and investment in its future, we care deeply about helping individuals in this great city live happy, healthy lives.

In addition to drug addiction treatment, we also provide options for alcohol rehabilitation, outpatient drug rehab, and medical detox in Seattle.

No matter what kind of addiction you are facing, Kick Addiction can provide you with a perfect option for your unique situation. In our partnership drug rehab centers in Washington State, Seattle detox centers, and other drug treatment facilities, we pair our patients up with the absolute best match for care.

If you or a loved one are in need of drug addiction treatment in Seattle, contact us by calling our toll-free number 1 (844) 344-KICK or filling out our contact form to set up an appointment. This is your life and your recovery—let us help you get here.

Kick Addiction services include drug addiction treatment, detox & rehab, as well as alcoholism treatment, alcohol detox and and rehab. Services extend from Everett to Kirkland & Bellevue on the north end of Seattle, to Federal Way, Tacoma, and Olympia on the south end.